First international trade fair experiences

What should we expect at an international trade fair? All our preparations to present in front of international trade fair visitors revolved around this very question. We were unsure what to expect from the several thousand visitors, who would frequent the fair in the next three of four days. What questions would they ask? What should we tell them? What would we show them? And, above all,who do we want to see at our stall? On our first three international trade fairs we gathered some experience and are now able to at least partially answer these questions. The Sächsische Aufbaubank (SAB) supplied us with funds to finance our exhibition at the trade fairs.

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How we set up our new workshop

You already saw our new workshop on the premises of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in our Facebook-Post. Little by little we set it up. The rolling machine was the first to move in from our office. We also built a huge a workbench. Soon this is where we will glue together the special film that makes our CompactChart unique..

Open-jaw wrenches – just polished
Open-jaw wrenches – just polished

But where do our tools come from?

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Time flies – six months of EXIST grant

Once upon a time there was a young flipchart called Philip. And Philip’s dream was to fly. All his cousins laughed at him for his dream, after all, how was he supposed to fly? “You can stand and roll – but fly? Flying is just for dreamers! Look in the mirror, Philip!”

But Philip held onto his dream and, instead of catching dust, hit the road, meeting the inventors of “CompactChart”, who were headed in the same direction. It’s less lonely together!

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Settled on a design

Well, what should our #CompactChart look like? A bit noble, but also simple and functional. The survey conducted at the ORTE 2017 and in our circle of friends and acquaintances did not yield a distinct result. That’s why we sat down once again and discussed what we had come up with. The takeaway from that discussion was that Design 2 shall be implemented. It is simple yet dynamic. Now it’s time for the implementation. We still have a lot of construction work ahead of us.

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survey at the ORTE 2017
survey at the ORTE 2017