Tobias Pruefer, B.Sc.

A Start-Up without IT? – Impossible! Tobias is the right man for the job. With his project and public relations background, he has been pulling the strings in the backoffice since the summer of 2017. He tackles all problems he stumbles upon in his charming and maverick way, be it a laborious homepage, project organization or one of menial, everyday office crunches. He completed his studies in industrial archaeology at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in the summer of 2018 and complements the team with his interdisciplinary nature, openness, and ability to communicate effectively. Tobias met Sanny while both were enrolled at the Bergakademie. In conjunction with Noah, they gave the idea of the mobile flipchart a leg up.

Tobias’ voluntary work in many different projects and committees beyond the Bergakademie taught him how to approach complex tasks and to complete his work in an orderly fashion. Even the organisation of larger projects won’t give him a headache.

He takes difficult tasks as a challenge not an obstacle.