Noah Knittel, M. Sc.

He advises us high and low, asks the crucial questions, and always thinks a step ahead. As our In-house Consultant Noah isn’t knee-deep involved, yet, despite his stay abroad in Denmark, we always ”feel” his presence.

Noah has supported the idea of the mobile flipchart from the start. His prior connection to Sanny allowed him to jump aboard early on; he helped develop the business model and lay groundwork for the foundation of the company. While studying economic sciences in Halle, he met Marwin and suggested him to Sanny as their hitherto third team member. The chemistry was right and Noah handed over his place as an active team member to Marwin. Since early 2019, after Noah finished his studies, he is now the fourth active team member in Freiberg.

Noah has an outstandingly prudent and calm personality, two traits which make him a suitable moderator during difficult meetings and aid him to negotiate compromises. Moreover, he actively participates in the drafting of contracts with partners and give PR suggestions.

Owing to his studies in Strategic Entrepreneurship in Denmark, he offers interesting stimuli and a different perspective on the organization and structure of a Start-Up.