Sanny Reich, Dipl.-Engineer

New ideas always blossom when it’s already hard to stay on top of things. After finishing his studies in glass, ceramics and building materials technology at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Sanny dedicated himself to the bringing his ideas to life.

Less than six months after graduating, he filed his first patent application. He currently supervises tasks associated with the CompactChart’s development and prepares its manufacturing. On top of that, he heads and runs the CompactSolutions GmbH.

2011, while still enrolled, he set up his own event support business. Since 2013, Noah and he run a garage rental in Freiberg. His entrepreneurial background and understanding of the tools of the trade come in handy when collaborating with his colleagues to develop and subsequently sell a market-ripe CompactChart.

We are eagerly looking forward to more of his thoughts and ideas…