Let’s smarten up

…we have made another big step. Up to now, all our samples had been manufactured using standard components, which we could easily customise and replace. Yet, despite colourful plastic panels and insets, we were often asked, if the CompactChart was also available in a pretty design and not so technical. The functionality has already convinced prospective customers, but there is always room for improvement – and improve we shall!

Computermodell Designstudie
computeranimated modell

The design study has been out for a while now, giving people the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the CompactChart’s new look, and after settling on a technical system, our next big goal was to produce a prototype featuring the more appealing design. Up to this point, we cut the standard components into length, drilled holes, and tapped screw threads, which were later used to mount the connecting elements. The new design also required new manufacturing techniques, hence we sought a tinsmith, who could bend a sheet of aluminium into casing. End caps and the slat above the chart were milled from fine maple wood. The first assembly worked flawlessly and, after lacquering the wood pieces and adding our logo, we will show it to the world.

Vom Funktionsmuster zur Designstudie
From functional design to design study