Time flies – six months of EXIST grant

Once upon a time there was a young flipchart called Philip. And Philip’s dream was to fly. All his cousins laughed at him for his dream, after all, how was he supposed to fly? “You can stand and roll – but fly? Flying is just for dreamers! Look in the mirror, Philip!”

But Philip held onto his dream and, instead of catching dust, hit the road, meeting the inventors of “CompactChart”, who were headed in the same direction. It’s less lonely together!

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Founding consultation grant

Last Monday, in a consultation with the IHK, we laid the groundwork to obtain our SAB “Founding consultation” grant. During the session, we stated wishes and problems that we needed advice on. By the end of August, we hope to submit the application to fund us to the Saxonian Development Bank (SAB) while at the same time looking for a suitable advisor on technical questions regarding our #CompactChart. We have already looked into multiple regional offers and will decide by the end of the month. Our focus will predominantly be on compiling a user manual. Also better usability of folding mechanism shall be addressed.

We are very excited about the results of the consultation and are looking forward to new impulses. Have you already subscribed to our Facebook page?