Settled on a design

Well, what should our #CompactChart look like? A bit noble, but also simple and functional. The survey conducted at the ORTE 2017 and in our circle of friends and acquaintances did not yield a distinct result. That’s why we sat down once again and discussed what we had come up with. The takeaway from that discussion was that Design 2 shall be implemented. It is simple yet dynamic. Now it’s time for the implementation. We still have a lot of construction work ahead of us.

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survey at the ORTE 2017
survey at the ORTE 2017

Market presentation – Who is this “customer” everyone speaks of?

SAXEED’s incubator programme requires several milestones to be achieved. Today was one of those days where you had to present a ton of your work. The guiding question was: “Who is this ‘customer’ everyone speaks of” and where do I find him? We went through an entire questionnaire to help us brainstorm as many details as possible about the potential market and our customers. Cramming all of that into a 10-minute pitch is not exactly easy. But it clear things up a lot.

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First public appearance at the ORTE

Today was a very special day. For the first time, we revealed our CompactChart to the public eye. The presentation of our prototype took place at the SAXEED booth at the ORTE. The TU Bergakademie Freiberg hosted the fair. This was also where we conducted our design study, but more on that later. During a lecture we told our little genesis story and it seemed to appeal to the audience; they are looking forward to future developments of the CompactChart.

CompactChart at it's first fair - ORTE 2017
CompactChart at it’s first fair – ORTE 2017